My Scandinavian farm table

It started with a craigslist find 8 years ago. Three small, crafty children had made the top of said table look like I liked to tap dance in heels while spilling nail polish remover for flair. 

I bought some 1×12 pine boards last year but hadn’t taken the time to finish them yet. I just wasn’t sure what I really wanted I guess and felt uninspired. 

Last weekend that all changed. Here what commenced;

Painting the base with chalk paint;

I sanded each board for at least 1/2 hour. So the edges and too felt like they’d been worn smooth for 100 years. 

Then we stained it with 4 different colors and chose our favorite. The unexpected winner;

Grey and dark wax…  
I cannot say enough how much I love this table now. It really does remind me of the tables I see in Scandinavian farmhouse styled homes!! It’s so soft and the wood smells so good. 

Time to eat! 


Comfortable and Free

I started a team of people who are determined to better their health, better their life, to be comfortable and free.  Free from tight fitting jeans, arms that wave by themselves, feeling tired and grouchy, bound by insecure thoughts.  We are supporting one another, sharing recipes, joys, encouragement.

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Shopping…Baker City Oregon

 As I’ve traveled cities big and small I have found a theme. As far as shopping is concerned I’ll take a small town of boutiques over a big city of stores any day. 

I recently traveled to the little town of Baker City Oregon. It’s brimming with old west history tucked under the Elkhorn Mountains in Eastern Oregon. 

It’s also home to a collection of shops that make for a relaxing and fun day of shopping.

Queen City Modern
Dot & Rosie
Mad Habit
No. 1911
Then to have a snack;

Zephyr Bakery & Deli 
And some dinner and wine;

Earth & Vine 

There are no long lines, impatient drivers or grouchy store owners to be found here. 

I found happy, creative, genuinely caring shop owners who steered the helm of shops with truly unique wares, fun displays, beautiful flowers and really delicious food!  

I can’t wait to go back again!


I just made a day of it but if you’d like to stay the weekend the Geiser Grand Hotel is a beautiful historic hotel downtown amongst the shops and eateries. If you stay until Sunday you can catch Sweet Wife Baking too!