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Lunch break

On my lunch break I pulled into the beautiful fall colors of the park. A man was playing fetch with his dog, the sun was dappling the green grass through the yellow maple leaves with clear light.  I pulled into a nice little spot not far from a wooden picnic table. 

I had just visited the store and had a little bundle of supplies. For this lunch break would be spent feverishly constructing a cat costume for my daughters class party that was in exactly 20 min. 

Start time: 12:20pm 

Deadline: 12:40pm

I had just enough time to quickly grab some supplies from the mega mart because after careful deliberation in the costume isle I decided that the pre-made cat ears and tail looked trashy. I couldn’t put my finger on what was so offensive about those black sparkely ears on a headband, but nevertheless I couldn’t bring myself to buy them!  I know picky, but I’ve learned to accept my picky ways  and do the best I can with my personality flaws. 

Supplies laid out I went to work. 

Two fur ears lined with pipe cleaners. Secured with quick drying fabric glue. 

Two felt liners, generously coated with fabric glue and trimmed to size. 

Next to secure these ears to the headband. This took me a minute or so to figure out because they would just come right off that slick fabric headband. I decided to line the top with some fur so there was more surface area to glue to. 

Then with visions of accidentally gluing this thing to my daughters head (the glue wouldn’t be totally dry in the remaining 10 min I had to make this thing) I attached another piece of fur to the underside of the headband.


Now for the tail. 

A quick snip of the scissors, a liberal application of some more fabric glue, a pipe cleaner, some velvet ribbon and ureka! A cat tail.

With my eyes clouded plenty of white fur, my fingers sporting a manicure of furry glue I gathered up my supplies and headed for my destination. 

P.S. –  I find it kind of ironic I grabbed these particular snacks in the checkout isle on my way out of the store. 

Was I channeling my inner cat?

Again, I don’t know but the deadline was met….​

The Little one was happy…..

Mission accomplished!

As I was lunch time park crafting today I couldn’t help but wonder who else was making costumes at home or on their breaks?  I pictured minecraft boxes being colored with markers, princess crown carefully fashioned out of tin foil, etc. 😀

I’d love to hear your stories!