Grape Juice

Dog, grape, fall, barley, golden Retreiver, west, cooking

So, I’ve decided to use the grapes off the vines this year. Instead of Jam, which I never use all of,  I’m making some grape juice concentrate to put in my protein shakes or to thaw and make grape juice with!

Grapes, west, vines, autumn
First I picked the grapes. It was warm and sunny and the perfume of ripening grapes in the crisp Autumn air is so refreshing.  I don’t care if this doesn’t turn out, just picking the grapes is awesome!

Grapes, dog, outside, autumn, treats
My dog, Barley, kept staring at me like I had some great treat.

Dog, treat, grape, golden Retreiver, lifestyle
So I asked him if he wanted a grape.

Red dog, treat, dog catching a treat, Golden Retreiver, grape vines, autumn, how-to
Yep, he did!

Dog licking nose, yum
I didn’t know he liked grapes before this!  He ate almost as many as me.

Purple, grapes, concord
I brought them inside

Concord grapes, washing in sink
Washed them

Grape stems
Took them off the stems. (While still tasting for quality, because it’s the best way.😀)

Cuisinart, crock pot, slow cooker, grape juice, farm living
Put them in the crock pot on low and let them simmer for around 6 hours.
When the grapes have given up their juice, just run the juice through whatever style strainer you have on hand.

Homemade grape juice, ice cube tray
Pour the finished grape juice into ice cube trays.

Freezer, grape juice, ice cubes, purple
Cover with plastic wrap and put in the freezer.
When they’re frozen solid, pop them out and put them in a freezer bag to use whenever you decide you’d like some fresh grape flavor in your smoothie.

(On a side note:  this juice stains the counters badly, but here’s how to clean the stains)

Put some thick cleaner with bleach on the stain. Scrub it in with a paper towel. Wipe it off first with a dry paper towel, then with a paper towel dampened with water.  Dry and the stains are gone!

Counter, kitchen
Clean and ready for breakfast tomorrow morning.