Sometimes I get nothing but cookies

Today started with a nice cozy fire, a couple eggs and a piece of toast with some blueberry jam. Then I opened my computer, “I’ll do some work before my first class” I thought. “I’ll have coffee on my way in to town” 

Then I worked until the very last minute, left for town and realized half way there I had no idea where this class was, had only one phone number and luckily the person was at the class. Was late, the announcement said there would be refreshments but there was no coffee.” No big deal I’m sure we’ll break for lunch, I’ll just have one of these cookies and some nice grapes. “Well we didn’t break, on a five minute break I got orders from our group and ran across the quad at the college only to get lost while trying to find the coffee shop. The nursing students who directed me said, “It’s not the real Starbucks, you’ll be disappointed”. I was thinking, bring it on, if it’s liquid I’ll be happy. Rushed back over to class coffees, teas and waters in hand. “I’ll just have some of this nice tea and a cookie.”  Finished there and feeling smarter, although a little scattered and tired I go straight to a meeting I made, at a coffee shop. Well I’m hungry, but this will only be a short meeting, so I’ll just have this coffee and a big ginger cookie. (Those are my favorite anyway). As I felt my brain beginning to slur like I was drunk or something, I thought I better get home before I do anything. “What is happening” I thought. Then I realized, in the thick of a busy day all I managed to eat were my two eggs, toast and cookies!  Not wanting to get bogged down in dinner and chores and knowing I had only a few more days to ride Mr. Larry I hopped on him and rode out into the beautiful crisp fall countryside. It was glorious and just what I needed. Even better than real food.  

 Refreshed I came back home started a nice warm fire, warmed up some ham and bean soup that I made a couple days ago, ate a nice dinner and baked some cookies for the kids. 


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