I’ve been feeling particularly anxious lately so I have been trying to make a point to get to the gym and do Yoga in the mornings. Tonight the afternoon schedule was all over the place but I did have about 45 minutes to get on the new elliptical machine at the gym.  

I put that thing on ‘Fat Burner’ and gave myself 30 minutes to get some oxygen moving through my body and all the jumbled thoughts going in a straight line again. 

The TV just happened to be on a Roy Rogers episode and I realized I’ve never watched a full episode of Roy Rogers!  I was always more of a ‘Bonanza’ fan.  I didn’t throw my headphones in my bag this morning so I watched half heartedly while I twirled those pedals whole heartedly. 

I couldn’t help but feel joy when I left the gym to the happy faces of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans  singing “happy trails to you… ‘Till we meet again!!!”

Sometimes it’s the little things….

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