I’m a lover of Gold, real gold. It shimmers, reflects light like no other precious metal and adds such a luxurious addition to any hand, ear, room.

This past weekend I’d had quite enough of the hodge-podge that was my daughter’s room. We have done overhauls, organization and all manner of decoration over the past few years. I would make it look like what I thought she liked and what looked good to me, then a week later she’d drag out the unsightly mirror, white board and little knick-knacks that we had neatly stored away. Making it look like a bad combination of yard sale finds with a chandelier to top it off. 

It was time to put away my notions of what I thought she would like and get real about what she wanted to live like. 

She loves this old mirror I’d picked up at a yard sale a few years back (10 years actually). I’d painted the frame brown way back when but the paint was chipping and I’d gotten paint on the glass in spots. I’d put a couple of really cute vintage mirrors in its place a few times but she’d always bring that one out again. It went into the ‘Gold’ pile.

A white board from Bi-Mart kept creeping into her window so that went into the ‘Gold’ pile. 

Then for a little accent I put an old glass candle holder in the pile. 

To start I took a razor blade and cleared all of the old paint off of the mirror. 

Then I put the mirror on paper bowls so I wouldn’t stick it to the sheet.  (Same steps for the glass candle holder and the other white board frame)

Next I gathered all the gold leafing supplies. 

  1. Small soft paint brush
  2. Medium sized angled brush
  3. Painter’s tapes
  4. Gold leaf sheets
  5. Butter knife
  6. Old sheet
  7. Several paper bowls
  8. Tea with this creamer


    I put painters tape on the mirror around the frame edge then poured the glue into a paper bowl. I brushed the glue onto the frame. (I like to do two coats). Then let it dry just until translucent. 

    Then I picked put the gold leaf very carefully. Think very clingy Saran Wrap and you’ll get the right ‘touch’

    Then using the straight edge of the leafing against the inside edge of the frame I started working my way around.   Place the gold leaf and use the small soft brush to gently adhere it to the glue.

    After you’ve worked all the way around let it sit for about 15 min and rub a soft wax sealer on it

    I like a mix of Annie Sloan dark and light wax. 

    Let that sit for about 15 minutes. Polish with a soft dry cotton cloth and your set!!



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