Easter Brunch

Instead of doing the usual Easter dinner this year I thought we’d do a fun Easter brunch instead. Since it was Saturday when I decided to do this and Easter was Sunday I hopped right on to Pinterest and made a page using groceries I had at home and a couple of fun things I found at the store.   

 Here’s the link to my Pinterest ‘Easter Brunch’ board.

Easter Brunch
I usually like to get creative and put my own spin on things so I followed everything loosely. It’s still nice to have some sort of plan though!

The asparagus and eggs was pretty and very fast and simple. I added the ham trimmings from the Ham and Watercress sandwiches for a little extra flavor. 

I cut a package of Strawberries up and put them in a pretty bowl. Done. 

The organic carrots were extra special with the pretty greens still on them. (I asked everyone to save the tops for our smoothies this week) I peeled and washed them and put them on a glass plate. Whala!

For the deviled eggs I used a recipe from my pins. Again I didn’t follow it exactly. They still turned out delicious. 

Real Life Dinner Classic Deviled Eggs

Smoked Salmon and capers went on a China plate. Finished and delicious!

To round everything out I made ham and cress sandwiches and sliced up a baguette. I put the sliced up baguette under the broiler for a minute or so to warm it and bring out the smells of home and goodness. 

We  drank tea, ate wholesome simple food and read our Bibles. Perfection. (Or as close as we get)