Healthy & Happy

When I think about what healthy and happy feels like. Being comfortable in my own skin comes to mind immediately. I think it would be the best freedom. To put on a pair of pants and have them fit, every time.  To walk into a room and only concentrate on talking with the people I meet, not wondering if my shirt is pulled down correctly. 

I’ve been on a journey towards the best me. Reading about new things, learning about thinking about the world in a different way. Talking with God by reading his word and praying to him daily. Making the gym a habit, no or low sugar diet. Veggies everyday. 

I have come a long way for sure. I do feel more comfortable in my skin, but I’m not to the ‘maintain this good spot’ yet. I’m still reading and searching. Which brings me here. 

I have found I like to have the freedom to work on this myself but I also want to surround myself with people who are on the same quest.  We teach each other what we know, we learn from one another small tips and tricks that sometimes make all the difference. That is why I’m starting this group. 

We do whatever program we want. Gym, 21 day fix, P90X, Insanity, Yoga, walking daily. Whatever you decide you want to commit to. And then we commit for 30 days.  We all check in everyday. Even if we just say ‘Hi’, we check in. 

We share recipes, tips for fighting sugar and fat cravings, work out tips, time management tricks, our struggles. Most of all we support each other with positive encouragement. 

 If you would like to start or continue on this mission for wellness of body, mind and spirit. Message me on whatever page you’re reading this from. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or comment here.  Here’s to being comfortable and free!



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