Saturday Breakfast

Today is Saturday! It’s full of possibilities, all of which are off schedule, totally voluntary and fun!  To start the day I thought we’d have a special breakfast. The boys went out shooting so I sent them with some to go.  Us girls are having a slower more leisurely morning. 

Last night I put this in the crock pot:

There’s no added sugar but it doesn’t taste like it because the apples have all night for the natural sugars to release their carmely loveliness. 

It smelled wonderful this morning! 

I also put out some ground pork to thaw so I could make our favorite sausage. 

Alton Brown breakfast sausage recipe
I almost never follow a recipe exactly so this is how I do mine differently from the original. 

  • I use fresh or dried herbs depending on what’s growing in my garden. Today I used fresh thyme and dried herbs for everything else. 
  • I use a microplane to grate the nutmeg. (It’s the best/fastest way!) 
  • Pink sea salt and mixed peppercorns. 
  •  Instead of chopping and cracking etc everything individually I put it all in my Nutribullet and grind it up all together. 
  • I use my medium ice cream scoop to scoop the sausage mixture onto the griddle and press it down with my hands. 

I made some fresh ground coffee my favorite way , French press. Then went outside under the apple blossoms and enjoyed every bite!

There is something indescribably satisfying about a chilly spring morning and sipping hot fresh coffee. It’s my soul food. 


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