Shopping…Baker City Oregon

 As I’ve traveled cities big and small I have found a theme. As far as shopping is concerned I’ll take a small town of boutiques over a big city of stores any day. 

I recently traveled to the little town of Baker City Oregon. It’s brimming with old west history tucked under the Elkhorn Mountains in Eastern Oregon. 

It’s also home to a collection of shops that make for a relaxing and fun day of shopping.

Queen City Modern
Dot & Rosie
Mad Habit
No. 1911
Then to have a snack;

Zephyr Bakery & Deli 
And some dinner and wine;

Earth & Vine 

There are no long lines, impatient drivers or grouchy store owners to be found here. 

I found happy, creative, genuinely caring shop owners who steered the helm of shops with truly unique wares, fun displays, beautiful flowers and really delicious food!  

I can’t wait to go back again!


I just made a day of it but if you’d like to stay the weekend the Geiser Grand Hotel is a beautiful historic hotel downtown amongst the shops and eateries. If you stay until Sunday you can catch Sweet Wife Baking too!

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