My Scandinavian farm table

It started with a craigslist find 8 years ago. Three small, crafty children had made the top of said table look like I liked to tap dance in heels while spilling nail polish remover for flair. 

I bought some 1×12 pine boards last year but hadn’t taken the time to finish them yet. I just wasn’t sure what I really wanted I guess and felt uninspired. 

Last weekend that all changed. Here what commenced;

Painting the base with chalk paint;

I sanded each board for at least 1/2 hour. So the edges and too felt like they’d been worn smooth for 100 years. 

Then we stained it with 4 different colors and chose our favorite. The unexpected winner;

Grey and dark wax…  
I cannot say enough how much I love this table now. It really does remind me of the tables I see in Scandinavian farmhouse styled homes!! It’s so soft and the wood smells so good. 

Time to eat! 



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